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LIVING the Dementia Journey for Young Adults

LDJ (LIVING the Dementia Journey) for Young Adults is an evidence-informed three-hour course adapted from LDJ. This program was specifically designed with input from youth and people living with dementia to create a course that increases understanding of dementia and shares strategies to support those living with it. In designing this course, we included practical and relevant information that can be applied in different aspects of life — in a co-op or volunteer position, in future employment, in the community, or in personal life.

LDJ for Young adults will leave a lasting impact on youth and all adults in their lives.


  • increases understanding of dementia and provides a new perspective on the experience of living with it;
  • applies a person-centred approach to provide individualized support;
  • enhances skills in relationship-building to support individuals with compassion and respect;
  • shares strategies to recognize, interpret, and respond to personal expressions (behaviours); and
  • addresses ways to tackle boredom, loneliness, and helplessness by creating opportunities for meaning, purpose and growth.

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